Amish Country Tours

     Amish Country Tours focuses on offering our guests a complete Amish experience. We suggest that you first come to the Illinois Amish Museum, now located on the grounds of Rockome Gardens,  to view an 18-minute video about the Amish and explore the exhibits in our Amish museum. After you have learned about the Amish, then you will feel more comfortable visiting their homes, farms and businesses on tours. Our meal hostesses are members of the Old Order Amish Church and their cooking is absolutely the best made-from-scratch food you can find. Our guides all have first-hand experience with the Amish, some having been raised Amish and others having immediate family who are Amish. We strive to provide up-to-date, accurate information to our visitors so you can have an educational and entertaining visit that you will enjoy and remember.

For the best experience, we suggest our Amish Culture Tour Itinerary (note minimums are required) :
      Amish Museum 125 N CR 425E; Arcola.
      Guided Countryside Tour
      Meal in an Amish Home
      Amish Home Tour, Homestead Farm and/or Woodworking Tour
      Buggy Shop Tour

Meal in an Amish Home
tour1.gifThe meal is held in the home of your Amish hostess and served family style. All meals are all-inclusive. The meal consists of a salad, fried chicken and one other meat, mashed potatoes and gravy, noodles or dressing, vegetable side, homemade bread and jams/jellies! After the meal you will be served your choice of the fruit or cream pie of the day, a drink, tax & tip. As it is the Amish belief to have prayer before a meal, we request that you honor their beliefs with either a moment of silence, silent prayer, or a group led prayer.

Amish Wagon Ride
Explore one of our historic Amish farms in a horse-drawn wagon. This is an ideal manner, as the horse meanders throughout the farm, to see an Amish farm up-close and personal. Stop at an orchard and enjoy some fresh fruit, peruse the old stones in a family cemetery plot, as well as other activities particular to each location. You will truly get a feel for the simpler side of life on this tour.

 Amish wagon.JPG

Amish Home Tour
tour3.gifA member of the Old Order Amish community will guide you through her home while she explains the Amish lifestyle. She will show you her laundry facilities, kitchen, bedrooms and living area. You will see how she goes through her every day tasks without electricity.

Amish Homestead Farm Tour

tour5.gifAn Amish  farmer will take you through his buildings while discussing all aspects of his
farming operation. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to learn more about farming without electricity.

Amish Woodworking Tour
tour6.gifThe use of diesel engines to produce power is the highlight of this woodworking tour. An Amish woodworker explains how he makes furniture from start to finish as you walk through his shop.

Amish Buggy Shop Tour
This tour will cause you to marvel at the skill required to produce a buggy. Tour an authentic buggy shop and speak with the buggy maker, who is also a wheelwright. He will explain all the steps needed to produce a buggy, start to finish, including making the wheels, which most people really find interesting. This tour lasts forty-five minutes to an hour. 

Guided Tour of the Amish Countryside
tour2.gifAs you travel through the Amish countryside, a knowledgeable step-on guide will highlight the farms, homes, schools and business in the area while explaining their faith and lifestyle.

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This site was made possible in part by a grant from the Illinois Association of Museums. Illinois Association of Museums Illinois Amish Interpretive Center
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Photographs courtesy of Raymond Bial, author of Amish Home.